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    (Scan QR code or visit website using your device

    → Install profile → Pay for $12.99 → Install TutuApp)


    Register an account or login directly.

    Type the App you want in the search bar.

    Choose the proper one and click “Get”, then it will start to download.

    Check the download process in “Manage”.

    Install the App.

    Enjoy your free App!

  • Q:I have paid for your application for two times, could you refund me for one of them?

    A:Sure. We would only charge once for the same device. However, if you have changed your device, you would have to pay again.

    Q:I have paid for TutuApp, but it cannot install sucessfully.

    A:This was because the unstable server.Please go to our official website to redownload again and you will not have to pay for it this time.You could also shift your network to see if it is network problem.(P.S. IOS 10 users is unable to install)

    Q:Do I need to pay again if I update the IOS system?

    A:No. Our system can recognize your device if you download again. However, if you change another device, you have to pay again. Please select the appropriate device before you purchase our application.

    Otherproblems besides, please let us konw via email. Please also follow our Facebook to give us more advice: TutuApp

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